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Employment Documentation/Verification

Fidelity Bonding Services

Programs that provide insurance which protects employers from financial loss due to employee dishonesty. Included are fidelity bonds that employers can purchase commercially that expressly rule out coverage of individuals who have already committed a fraudulent or dishonest act, and those with broader coverage that serve as an incentive for the organization to hire ex-offenders (also known as returning or returned citizens) or job applicants who have other personal risk factors e.g., a history of substance abuse and treatment, a poor credit record or a dishonorable discharge from the military. Fidelity bonding for high risk individuals can be requested by either the employer or the job applicant and is generally in force until the individual becomes eligible for coverage under commercial bonding programs.

Pre-Employment Background Checks

Programs that investigate the backgrounds of job applicants (with their permission) with the objective of discouraging applicants with criminal records or falsified credentials. Most pre-screening programs examine court records relating to the individual's civil and criminal history, their driving record and their credit history; conduct drug tests; verify their educational records, previous work experience, Social Security number and professional licenses; and provide a report which summarizes their findings relative to job suitability.