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Wilderness First Aid Instruction

Taxonomy Code: LH-2700.2000-950

Programs that provide instruction that addresses lifesaving techniques that may be needed when a person becomes injured or ill or other emergencies occur in remote locations where access to professional medical care is unavailable and transit to a hospital is problematic. Care may need to be given in extreme environments of heat, cold or altitude where proper sanitation, lighting and temperature regulation do not exist and only limited equipment is available. Topics may include managing people who are unconscious or have respiratory problems, skin conditions, spinal or back injuries, broken bones, muscle or joint injuries, gastro-intestinal problems, heat or cold induced injuries or illnesses, ear injuries or other problems; recommended first aid equipment; and principles for triage and care of the deceased. The courses are recommended for surveyors, geologists, exploration teams, teachers, scout leaders, four wheel drive enthusiasts, bushwalkers, climbers, cavers, outdoor/adventure instructors, wilderness guides and people who work and/or live in remote locations.

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