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Septic System Inspection/Maintenance

Programs that offer the services of individuals who inspect, clean and/or repair septic systems as part of routine maintenance, in response to septic system problems or in conjunction with selling or purchasing property. Inspections generally include examination of the location, age, size and original design of the septic system; the soil conditions, drainage, seasonal water table and flooding possibilities on the site where the septic system is located; the sludge level in the septic tank if it has not been recently pumped; plumbing fixtures and their layout to determine whether structural changes have been made to the plumbing that would increase flow to the septic system above capacity; and the condition of the absorption field, i.e., evidence of liquid waste reaching the soil surface, draining toward nearby lakes and streams, or clogging the soil and gravel beneath the field. The inspection process identifies problems with the septic system and recommended solutions. Septic tanks should be pumped by a certified contractor on a routine basis.